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Dunius Educational Counseling is founded in Los Angeles by Pinar Taylan in 2015. Pinar Taylan holds an engineering degree from Istanbul Technical University and a college counseling certificate from UCLA. We work with students around the globe, who pursue higher education goals in North America.

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You can contact to ask your questions about the application process

Consultations are designed as online meetings


You can meet Dunius counselors as needed and pay on an hourly rate.

Prepare your results, prepare your questions and contact us:

Developing college lists

College essay review

Checking the applications

Financial aid review

... and your questions...

90 minute meetings

Schedule as many meetings as needed. 



If you want this process to really feel relaxed this package includes:

Career Counseling

Test planning

Extracurricular review

Summer program search support

College selection

Essay planning and review

Financial aid package review

 Best Value. 

Manolya Y. / Bryn Mawr'26

"Thanks to Ms. Pinar Taylan, I was able to get into the best school for me with my chosen major, as well as full demonstrated need covered. As an international student, I was worried about getting accepted at competitive colleges in the United States, as well as be able to receive enough aid for me to be able to attend. Throughout my college search process, Ms. Pinar helped me narrow down the best choices for universities that I should apply to, with a balanced ratio of safety, target, and reach schools. During the application process, she helped me figure out the best brainstorming techniques which allowed me to create my personal statement that displayed my personality and the best qualities of myself that I wanted the admissions officers to know about. Ms. Pinar also helped me by critiquing my essays, and always giving constructive feedback, regardless of the time or day. Not only did she act as a counselor to me, but she also shared sources for me to grow my interests, including articles that she found interesting, or books that she recommended for me to read. Every meeting with Ms Pinar was like a friendly conversation, and the more she got to know me the better she was able to assist me."

Tuna A. / Dartmouth'26

"The Matchlighters program and community helped me on numerous points throughout the college application process, but introducing me to Pinar hoca (as I always call her) was perhaps the best thing that they ever did and could have done. I've had the absolute pleasure of working with and learning from Pinar hoca about once every two weeks during the high time of the college application season. While college applications seemed so vague and gathered clouds above my head, our conversations and plans with Pinar hoca relieved my stress and let me know I was not alone on this path. From what I could observe, unlike some other counselors out there, Pinar hoca really cared and knew she was possibly helping reshape the future of young minds like me. Besides, her experience with counseling was obvious, and, therefore, she could always present the possible avenues I could take where I was at a dead end. I would definitely go with Pinar hoca if I were to go through the college application process again."

Defne Ö. / University North Carolina Chapel Hill'26

"From the very beginning, Counselor Pinar facilitated my college application journey and made everything so much more easier. From helping identify target schools all the way to my acceptance to a dream school, she cleared the way. By the time my peers were stressed about when to apply and how to apply, I already had everything planned out with my counselor. Without her honest advice and meticulous planning, I don’t think I would’ve made the right decision for my future."

Sarah G. / UC Berkeley'23

"Applying to college was very hard and stressful. Having Pinar Taylan as my counselor has not only made my college journey endurable but also made it unforgettable. Every week we had our scheduled meetings discussing our weekly planned subjects. She helped me every step of the way with her bright smile and encouraging speeches. I can’t forget when I was submitting my application, the first thought that came to me was to facetime Pinar because I needed to ask my last minute questions. She, as usual, smiled and calmly answered all my questions no matter how late it was. She is caring and very serious in her job, and I am forever grateful for her guidance, I couldn’t do it without her."

Derin Y. / Emerson'22

"Pinar Taylan's counseling is not just a standardized service given to each client. Instead, her counseling and workload differs based on your needs as an individual. During my application process, we had a structured and disciplined system but, also, the caring I got from her was one of a kind. I trusted her opinions more than anyone else's and knew that I could always go to her. She exceeded office hours to be there when needed, and stayed up until late nights to discuss my portfolio. I'm grateful for her remarkable guidance and constant support, which got me into my dream school, where I'm currently pursuing my dream career."

Sevinç Y. (Parent)

"What a great serendipity or call it course of luck that we met Mrs. Pinar Talyan in one of the online  college preparation sessions where she presented her views on US college application and it's three-dimensional  nature: academics, extracurriculars and personal essays. 
The mutual decision to work together with our daughter in her college preparation journey was quick, we started in March of 11th grade and it end up with a whole year marathon when Mrs. Pinar became a mentor, counsellor and simply a sincere friend to our daughter, patiently leading her through this complex process. Day and night, weekdays and weekends-whenever is needed a help, Mrs. Pinar was next to her, leading, teaching, encouraging, nourishing with creative approach, pushing, sometimes bringing down to Earth, supporting, exploring together with our daughter her inner-self  which is a core in shaping  application essays. She helped to shape the application  with appealing essays, extracurriculars, create a balanced list of most right universities, and as a result of this  holistic apporach, the well-prepared application where all details were meticulously weighted helped our daughter to compete and get accepted with full scholarship in one of the prestigious colleges in the US. Our family is forever grateful to Mrs. Pinar for all her contributions to our daughter's future.



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